Haines Kinetic: “Calliope” Mobile/Kinetic Sculpture

This mobile is called “Calliope”. It’s larger than it appears because these shapes are very chunky. The mobile measures roughly 30” high by 24” dia. (75 x 60 cm) and is made of aluminum and steel.

To enhance its festive nature, I’ve painted the wires as well. This and its large size/light weight makes it more suitable for indoor use.

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Gallery and video below.

Update: this mobile has been sold.


Haines Kinetic: “Coco” Mobile/Kinetic Art

This mobile is called “Coco”. Can you figure out why?

It’s a continuation of sorts from the “Of Course I Still Love You” mobile. It has a similar horizontal structure, and the elements have a similar shape. The color scheme couldn’t be more different though. This one features colors such as “juice” and “topaz” (I don’t make these things up).

The mobile is constructed with aluminum sheet for the shapes and galvanized steel for the wires. The shapes are painted with Montana Black spray paint. This mobile features riveted construction, which is aesthetically more pleasing than the Calder-esque “hook” connection. The dimensions are 27” dia. x 10” high. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

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More images and video below.


Haines Kinetic: “Of Course I Still Love You” Mobile/Kinetic Sculpture

This mobile is made from aluminum sheet metal and galvanized steel wire.

Where does the title come from? This mobile was completed on the same day that SpaceX successfully launched humans into orbit. The first stage of the rocket came back to earth and landed on the drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You”. This ocean-going ship was named after sci-fi writer Ian M. Banks, who wrote a book that included a starship by that name.

“Of Course…” is a handcrafted, classic mobile using galvanized steel wire and painted aluminum sheet. It uses rivets rather than the traditional wire loop to attach the shapes. The paint is by Montana Cans (an elite German spray paint company). This mobile is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Because of its horizontal nature, this is suitable for lower ceilings as well.

Dimensions are roughly 12” high by 29” día. (30 x 74 cm)


Haines Kinetic: “Winebirds” Mobile (Kinetic Sculpture)

Kinetic sculpture mobile entitled “winebirds”

This is my largest mobile to date. I conceived this as two bird-like structures under a setting sun. Most of the elements are black, with two circles painted with a color called “merlot” (hence the title of the mobile).

Note how the “feather” shapes (if that’s what they are) of each “bird” evolve. These shapes were designed in computer software and ‘evolved’ from one shape to another. They were printed on paper, cut out and traced onto sheet metal. I then cut them out by hand.

My original choice of steel for the large circle turned out to be too heavy for the design. I switched to aluminum for the big circle, and was able to achieve my vision for the piece with a lighter metal.

This mobile is designed for indoor display, preferably in a high-ceilinged room or two-story entryway or similar. Dimensions are roughly 36” high by 43” dia. (91 x 110 cm)

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