Haines Kinetic: “Baby Dragon (yellow)” mobile/kinetic sculpture

After I sold the first “Baby Dragon,” my wife was sad. She (and I) thought it was really cute. She suggested I make another one, but this time in yellow.

“Why yellow?” I asked.

“Because it’s a happy mobile, and yellow is a happy color.”

Works for me!

This is a petite, delicate mobile. The shapes are 3D-printed using PLA filament, hand-sanded and painted and then connected using stainless steel wire. It’s fully articulated, meaning each element can rotate 360 degrees. This means there are infinite variations. It’s very responsive to indoor breezes (which is where it should live…it’s not an outdoor dragon).

Dimensions are roughly 15” high by 15” día. (38 x 38 cm)

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Additional images and video below.


Haines Kinetic: “Baby Dragon” Mobile (Kinetic Sculpture)

Kinetic Sculpture Mobile entitled "Baby Dragon"

This mobile is called “Baby Dragon.” It uses the same shapes as “Curling Dragon,” but is different than its ‘parent’ in almost every other way (sort of like some human children…).

I have combined modern technology with traditional materials and methods. The shapes are 3D-printed using a material called PLA. I then sanded and painted each shape. They are connected using traditional mobile-building methods, using lightweight stainless steel wire.

“Baby Dragon” is very petite. Dimensions are roughly 15” high by 15” día. (38 x 38 cm). Due to its lightness and sensitivity to air currents, indoor use is recommended.

See video below.

Update: this mobile has been sold.

Kinetic Sculpture Mobile entitled "Baby Dragon"

Haines Kinetic: “Disco” Mobile (Kinetic Sculpture)

Kinetic sculpture mobile entitled “Disco”

This mobile combines traditional and contemporary construction materials. The discs (hence the title “Disco”) are 3D-printed PLA material, hand-sanded and painted. They are then balanced and joined using traditional metal wire methods. Each element is connected to the next using fishing swivels, providing 360 degree movement and infinite variations.

The lightness of the 3D-printed shapes makes this an excellent indoor mobile, responsive to air currents generated simply by human movement, convection or ventilation. Outdoor installation is not recommended. Dimensions are roughly 32” high by 34” dia. (81 x 86 cm)

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