Haines Kinetic: “Coco” Mobile/Kinetic Art

This mobile is called “Coco”. Can you figure out why?

It’s a continuation of sorts from the “Of Course I Still Love You” mobile. It has a similar horizontal structure, and the elements have a similar shape. The color scheme couldn’t be more different though. This one features colors such as “juice” and “topaz” (I don’t make these things up).

The mobile is constructed with aluminum sheet for the shapes and galvanized steel for the wires. The shapes are painted with Montana Black spray paint. This mobile features riveted construction, which is aesthetically more pleasing than the Calder-esque “hook” connection. The dimensions are 27” dia. x 10” high. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

For more information, or to purchase, head on over to my Etsy page.

More images and video below.

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